Speaker coach - Bob Ferguson

Promote your business through better public speaking

Do you want to present with confidence for work or business?

The ability to speak in public is one of the key skills for building a strong business or career yet remains one of the biggest sources of concern for many people. Speaking in public is one of our greatest fears but perhaps our biggest concern is “What do I say?”. Once you have a well-crafted message, you’ll find it’s nowhere near as scary to stand up and speak about you or your business.

If you want to stand out and engage audience for exceptional results I can help. Public speaking training can help you build strong presentation skills that will make you stand out from the crowd with confidence and persuade the audience to your viewpoint.

By delivering a message that engages your audience, builds connection and gets them to act as you want, you will see the benefits and results that strong presentation skills can bring.

Specifically, I can help you to:

  • Craft a strong message that is memorable and engaging.
  • Teach you to incorporate strong and persuasive calls to action that get results.
  • Appear as the trusted go-to person for advice
  • Deliver complex content with clarity and understanding
  • Unite fragmented teams of different skill disciplines.
  • Build a memorable business profile for your business.
  • Show you how and why you should use the power of stories for persuasive speaking.

Client testimonial

“Bob’s expertise in public speaking and being able to convey those skills to others is fantastic. Bob has helped me on a number of occasions with preparing for speeches and it’s been invaluable.

I genuinely can’t recommend Bob highly enough!”

James Abbot – Director at Abbott Moore

If you would like a non-obligation discussion on how public speaking and presentation skills can help your career and business just click on this button to send me an e-mail with your contact details and I’ll get in touch to arrange a convenient time.

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