Your recipe for better business through public speaking

My name is Bob Ferguson. I help people craft and deliver great speeches for important events, especially those containing complex content.

Speaking confidently can help you:

  • Raise the profile of your business
  • Deliver persuasive presentations
  • Make complex content easily understandable
  • Connect with your audience everytime you speak
  • Communicate to your team with clarity
  • Produce winning sales presentations

I have a variety of coaching methods that will help you promote your business. You’ll learn how to craft a message that is unique, memorable, and persuades your audience so that every time you speak it attracts potential clients.

Client testimonial

“Bob’s expertise in public speaking and being able to convey those skills to others is fantastic. Bob has helped me on a number of occasions with preparing for speeches and it’s been invaluable.

I genuinely can’t recommend Bob highly enough!”

James Abbot – Director at Abbott Moore

Each coaching programme begins with a free “Aims and Objectives” session. This will explore your needs and layout a plan to achieve your objectives.

Used effectively, speaking at events is not only a cost effective way of advertising but will bring large returns on investment.

Learning to craft strong sales messages is not just for groups speaking. Once you understand how to construct clear and concise sales messages, your one to one communication will improve dramatically too. Your success in networking groups and client meetings will increase significantly.

My new website is under development - please feel free to contact me below

Phone : 0208 798 0617

Mobile : 0781 256 9360