One to One Coaching

One of the worst experiences at work, is to be told you’re giving a presentation and not know where to start, or what to do. This is a common problem, and more importantly it’s the key time when you need help.

With a one-to-one training programme, you have someone to ring to get that help. In the last fifteen years, I’ve had a lot of calls for help. Yet every time people I’ve spoken to people they’ve had all the right things to say in their head. Just not necessarily in the right order! I’ve found that people have lots of elements of compelling speeches or presentations, they’re just not clear on how to put it into a good structure to get their message across
One to one coaching can help you achieve great results and learn at the same time.

It stands to reason. The time people want help is the time they have the greatest need and enthusiasm for learning. When we’re in need we’re receptive to the information that gets us out of the tight spot and we remember it far better than general skill learning. One to one coaching is customised to focus on your needs, and use your existing skills, so you progress far faster. It is always far more effective than group training.

Not only will you get a quick response in your hour of need, you will get a structured programme to help you become independent in your ability to write and deliver compelling speeches or presentations.

Programmes are flexible and customised to get maximum progress.