About Bob

Bob’s presentations are all based around his personal experience blended with his extensive knowledge of public speaking and group communications

As an Aerospace Engineer for over 30 years Bob saw many poor presentations and decided he wanted to do a better job himself  – and he did. Within a few years he had won his first of two National Speech titles going on to represent the UK and Ireland in the World Public Speaking Championships.

As a member of the Toastmasters International public speaking organisation Bob has worked his way to the top achievement award – Distinguished Toastmaster. He has been a member of Toastmasters for 15 years and reckons he is learning at a faster rate now than when he first joined. This education has provided Bob with a deep knowledge of 1 to 1 and group communications that he has been able to fully use in his professional career.

As an Aerospace Engineer, Bob has had extensive experience of first line management of small teams on projects with tight deadlines. This lead to his interest in how to be an effective first line manager, a role that he thinks is critical to all businesses.

He also had to be good at time management, but was struck by how important effective goal setting and a strong sense of direction is to the success of any project.

These three specialist areas are all interwoven with Bob’s industry experience to give him a wonderful tale to tell and the skills to deliver it entertainingly.

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