About Bob

As an Aerospace Engineer for over 40 years Bob saw many poor presentations in his early career. He decided he wanted to do a better job himself  – and he did. Within a few years he had won his first of three National Speech titles going on to represent the UK and Ireland in the World Public Speaking Championships. It proved to be one of the greatest learning experiences of his life.

Faced with having to write two speeches for the next round of the World Championship showed Bob how the ability to write compelling speeches is the key to all effective communication. As a result, he has spent the last 15 years developing the skills that help people write speeches for business and management. Combining his speaking knowledge with his engineering experience, he specializes in helping people in highly technical industries communicate complex information to a wide range of audiences.

Bob’s development saw him working on the successful use of humour to help drive all messages, even serious ones, home. There is nothing quite like humour to put an audience at ease and make them receptive to what you’re saying. Bob’s studies also brought the bonus of the UK & Ireland Humorous Speech Championship in 2009.

Bob believes that speaking is rather like learning music. You may get better, but never get to the end as there are always new ways to present and speak. He never tires of exploring new techniques to help people get their point across.

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