How to write compelling speeches and presentations

One of the worst feelings in life is staring at a blank sheet of paper without any idea what to write. You get asked for to deliver a presentation, especially at short notice, and it’s so hard to get started. I know I’ve been there.

In 2002 after winning the UK & Ireland International Speech contest I was faced with writing two new speeches for the last rounds of the World Championship of Public Speaking. It was one of the worst times of my life and made me appreciate the power of being able to write compelling speeches is the most important skill of speaking in public.

Often people talk about the skills of body language and using slides but until you can write speeches that get the audience to feel what you want them to, they’re a waste of time.

In fact in the fifteen years I’ve been helping people with their speaking no one has ever rung me and asked “How can I present my speech better” They all ask “What should I say”. That’s what this course is developed for.

The course comes in two variants :

  • Speech writing (1 day) : for the confident speaker who wants to develop their skill at writing dynamic speeches, quickly and confidently.
  • Speech writing and delivery (2 days) : For those not so confident in delivery. This session takes all the speech writing skill but helps you develop powerful delivery technique as well.

The speech writing content is the same in both and the two-day course adds delivery training that is spread through the two days.
The 10 Steps to Success You’ll Learn

  • Understanding your audience and how to match their needs.
  • Learning how to build the strong framework for a speech (and stop writer’s block)
  • How to add value and compel the audience to listen.
  • A set of standard structures that develop compelling speeches quickly.
  • How to open and close your speech or presentation.
  • Make powerful visual aids that support your presentation.
  • Practice techniques for maximum confidence.
  • Confident handling of Q & A sessions.
  • The key elements of persuasion to put in every presentation.
  • How to develop as a confident speaker.