Corporate communications

Communication is the blood of the business body. It carries the information you want around your business. More than that, it sets the tone for the vision and values you have in your business and shows your employees what behaviour is expected of them.

There are two sets of key communications in a business:

  1. The company-wide communication that is delivered to all staff.
  2. The inter-departmental communication between staff of different disciplines.

Company-wide communications are often vision and value statements from the top of the organisation that define the ethos of the company. They are not only a way of defining what sort of organisation you are but also a way of making everyone feel good about their contribution to the achievements of the company.

They may even include company briefings which are often written in a way that doesn’t capture the hearts and minds of the staff. Well written these communications will serve as a motivating and engaging message that will engender a feeling of belonging in all staff.

Inter-departmental communication is a feature of many businesses that place all the people of similar skill sets in “silos” where they operate with people who are “just like them”. Often the result is that the mix of skill sets needed for a project don’t blend well together.

That’s largely because the don’t understand their individual strengths and weaknesses and how they can work very effectively as a team.

By crafting your corporate messages, you will see:

  • Understanding of people’s contributions to your success
  • Cooperation between different skill groups in project work
  • Increased awareness of the important values of your organisation
  • A strong sense of direction shared between staff.
  • A feeling of being valued by staff
  • A sense of being well-informed that makes staff engagement stronger.

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