Bob Ferguson

Communication expert, public speaker and author

Helping technical experts be heard, understood and valued

Helping technical experts speak with confidence, clarity and impact.

Technical experts can be one of the greatest assets in your business.

They can:

  • Influence company decisions to deliver better results.
  • Add business competitive advantage through their deep knowledge.
  • Make fruitful advocates for the business when client facing.


But this only happens when the communication flows effectively between technical experts and management.

Good organisational communication has three main drivers:
  1. The skill of the technical experts in delivering information with confidence, clarity, and impact.
  2. The ability of the line management to give the effective feedback that produces high quality communication .
  3. A communication culture set by the senior managers that supports business decisions.
Bob Ferguson Communications develop all three drivers to help businesses make the most of their technical talent.
James Abbott
Director at Abbott Moore Ltd


Bob’s expertise in public speaking and being able to convey those skills to others is fantastic.
Bob has helped me on a number of occasions with preparing for speeches and it’s been invaluable.
I genuinely can’t recommend Bob highly enough!

How we help

Bob delivers services to develop the communication skills of technical experts in four main areas. They can be standalone as described or blended to use a mixture of products to suit your needs.

One-to-one, group or remote.

Bespoke, on-site or remote.

Conference, small group, awaydays, lunch & learn.

Written for you, with you or group training. 

Rosy Holt
Funeral and Wedding Celebrant


 I have heard Bob speak and deliver workshops on many occasions. I have always considered Bob to be a person who delivers value and interesting content, so much so that I have heard him deliver the same workshop on more than one occasion and still come away feeling as though he was sharing his words of wisdom for the first time, but I haven’t until today had the experience of 121 coaching. Wow, my head is spinning, my mind is buzzing and I can’t wait to get down to putting some of the ideas into action. Yes by reading a library of books and attending umpteen workshops I could have come up with some of what Bob shared, but it would have taken me years and it wouldn’t have been open to questions. If you are looking for direction and common sense and need it with an action plan I would really recommend you speak to Bob Ferguson. Bob really talks sense and leaves you thinking that all he has suggested is indeed achievable, the master plan now doesn’t seem as difficult as I could have made it, I have small steps that make it all workable. Thank you Bob.

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