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Communication expert, public speaker and author

Helping technical experts be heard, understood and valued


For the best long term staff development, training builds long term skills.

To get the greatest benefit for your business, a customised training programme will develop the skills that make your staff contribute to your business success.

You can expect:

  • Bespoke programmes to meet your immediate needs.
  • Embeds strong foundational habits for best long term development.
  • Immediate confidence and performance benefits.


The format of sessions is customised to produce maximum engagement.
Tony K Silver
LinkedIn Profiler


I have known Bob for a little while and have always found him very approachable. He recently did a workshop which I was lucky enough to attend and he was brilliant. The pace and amount of information was fantastic, he has a lovely delivery style that pulls you in.

How we help

Once your needs are established, a bespoke programme is created to deliver your objectives. The programmes below are independent, but your customised sessions will be built from the appropriate elements of each course so that it is specific to your requirements.
The delivery schedule will ensure maximum engagement and skill retention, whether that’s multiple short sessions or whole day training.
Finally, delivery can be remote, in-person or a mixture for maximum flexibility.

Great Technical Speaking, it's not rocket science

A comprehensive communications programme especially for technical experts.
It develops skills based on the S.P.A.C.E.C.R.A.F.T. system that incorporates everything for successful speaking and presenting.
It includes:
  • Storytelling in business
  • Crafting perfect presentations
  • Speaking with engagement and persuasion
  • Preparation and rehearsal for success
  • The power of effective evaluation

How to talk to Aliens

Vertical separation or “siloing” is a common problem in technical organisations.
How to talk to Aliens is a programme on interpersonal communication cures siloing by:
  • Helping people assess the best style of communication for each person.
  • Developing communication versatility to maximise opportunities to communicate.
  • Working with other groups and within your team effectively.

Business Storytelling

One of the most persuasive and inspirational tools in the communication toolbox, storytelling in business helps:


  • HR and Senior managers drive change in the organisation.
  • Project managers inspire motivated staff.
  • Technical experts become effective advocates for the business.
Anne-Marie Lategan
Business Social Media Consultant


A few years ago I listened to Bob speaking on how to write a speech. A month later I came second in a speaking competition. As I’m writing a new keynote Bob was the only one which I trusted to help me make sense of all the thoughts in my head. I had so many ideas, stories and angles that I didn’t know were to start. Bob has this amazing (engineering) brain that just helps you to structure your thought and give you clarity. The processes he uses are very simple to implement but are also very effective. His passion and talent make him the best speaker coach in the market. You will be amazed at how he can change your speech to an outstanding keynote.

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If you want to improve your technical speaking skills quickly, you can get a flying start by buying Bob’s book, “Great Technical Speaking, it’s not rocket science”. It’s packed with great tips.

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