Bob Ferguson

Communication expert, public speaker and author

Helping technical experts be heard, understood and valued

Organisations are full of the brightest minds and great technical expertise. But how do you get them to communicate that knowledge for best benefit of the business?

One way is to book Bob Ferguson to speak at your event to help develop Great Technical Speaking.

An inspiring and motivational event speaker who will help your audience to:

  • Understand the major flaws in modern business communication and fix them
  • Bring out the best value from the technical experts in the organisation
  • Increase profit through better decisions and competitive advantage.


Bob marries his 20 years’ experience in the space industry with his championship winning speaking to deliver compelling talks highlighting the challenges for technical experts to be heard, understood and valued.

Carl French
Event Organiser - Herfordshire IOD


We have a discerning audience of businesspeople who are used to business talks and presentations and therefore not always the easiest people to please. Your talk went down extremely well and I have heard nothing but positive remarks about it since.

I’m not surprised because I found the talk original, informative, thought provoking and entertaining.

On top of that I have to say you are the most professional speaker I have ever booked, and I’ve booked hundreds over the years. You did what you said you would do, provided me with all the information I needed, when I needed it and clearly tailored the talk to the audience in the way I requested.

How we help

Technical experts can be one of the most valuable assets to an organisation. They can influence company decision, add competitive advantage and make wonderful envoys with the company’s messages. But without an effective communication culture their value is dramatically reduced.
All Bob’s speeches are crafted to help the technical experts underestand the challenges they face and the solutions to effective communication.
Working with all organisation levels in the S.L.A.T.E. industries (Scientific, Legal, Accountancy, Technical and Engineering) each speech is customised to deliver the expected knowledge, understanding and results

Costly Corporate Communication Culture

So many organisations have developed a culture of using slides software like PowerPoint as a primary communication tool. It paralyses the organisation, loses competitive advantage, hampers effective decisions and it’s expensive. But it’s not the fault of the presenters. It’s the culture that constrains them into a fixed method of communication.

This talk inspires senior managers to be active in driving a communication culture that gets the best value from the talent in the organisation.

The Influential Technical Expert

This speech encourages the highly qualified team members to use their experience as a force of progress rather than an information messenger. Technical experts then work to the company’s advantage internally and externally. Internally it improves decision making, externally they can become one of the strongest advocates for the company’s future business.

Interpersonal communications that overcome the common problem of different disciplines creating unproductive silos in the organisation. A light hearted look at the strengths and challenges that you’ll meet with different personality types, with the serious results of diverse teams working effectively together.

The Power of Storytelling in Business

Stories inspire, motivate and help drive change, if effectively used. This talks shows where that power comes from and how change organisers can use it to inspire and motivate the staff. It also demonstrates how it can be effective as a sales and marketing tool to build the reputation and profile of the business.

Tim Baugh
Director, biz4Biz.


I invited Bob to speak at a biz4Biz ConneXions breakfast meeting on the power of storytelling in modern business. He is an excellent speaker and the 44 business leaders in the room were treated to an informative and entertaining talk. Bob explained clearly how to engage with your audience to maximise the impact of your marketing messages; how to deliver persuasively, to encourage your audience to take action; and how to be memorable, so that you are seen as the go-to person in your field. Bob received the best audience feedback for any speaker at a biz4Biz event, especially for the valuable advice audience members felt they could use in their businesses. I can thoroughly recommend Bob as a speaker – we are already arranging another speaking engagement for him.

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