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There are many reasons for getting help with writing speeches or presentations.

It will:

  • Minimise the time wasted working out what to say.
  • Make the speaker appear confident and persuasive with powerful speeches.
  • Covert your in-depth knowledge into influential presentations.


Getting help with speeches brings many benefits. You build a relationship with a speechwriter so they can write in your voice.

You also learn the process so you can write you own speeches when you need to.

Jules White
Sales speaker and coach


A huge thank you to the fantastic Bob Ferguson – Speaker Coach. Bob has helped me tremendously to really understand how to craft my keynote talk. He spent time with me to understand my message and my passion and through his brilliant expertise he created really wonderful suggestions for me, that not only felt right immediately but have a far greater impact than anything I have previously used. i needed something to connect quickly and obviously to the audience – this is where Bob worked his magic and gifted me the acronym I really needed to be using – LOVING. Bob, you are patient, kind and a genius when it comes to understanding people and crafting talks. Your help and support has been invaluable and I am truly grateful. Thank you. If you need any help on presenting or crafting a great talk then Bob is a must to help you reach your goals.

How we help

To paraphrase Eric Morecambe, many clients have all the right information, not necessarily in the right order.

Good speechwriting is a process of understanding how the thoughts in your head get converted into a powerful presentation.

Our selection of programmes is designed to support busy people with the maximum of effect.

You can start out having speeches or presentations written for you and learn the process as you go so that you can effortlessly write your own speeches,
even at short notice.

Written For You

Generally this service is longer term because good speechwriting involves understanding the personality of the client to ensure the speech reflects who they are.
However, if the situation demands you can always have a panic room session to deal with urgent requirements.
Each speech will be built through series of drafts and feedback so that you stay in complete control of the speech as it develops.

Written With You

For those who are not so time poor, With You speechwriting gives a perfect blend of being expertly supported but developing the process of writing yourself.
Built through a number of sessions, you will be shown how to structure and create a compelling speech or presentation. Each session comes with comprehensive notes so that you can repeat the techniques whenever it’s needed.
There is always an option later to write your own speech, and get feedback on it, to maintain the quality of your speaking.

Perfect Presentation Training.

If you have more than one person in need of speechwriting development, the Perfect Presentation Training is best.
Run over one or multiple sessions to suit the delegates, it takes them through the process of speech and presentation writing. Each detailed step is fully covered and supported with comprehensive reference notes. Delegates get to work on their own speech or presentation within the sessions so that they’re fully comfortable with the new techniques by the end.
Poor presentations waste time and money in the organisation and this training can stop it.
Jimmy Cannon
Business Voice Coach



I engaged Bob to help me produce a talk to market my services to a business group. He made the process so simple showing me how to structure the talk and concentrating on the essential elements to engage the audience. He also showed me the effective way to practice (Ugh) but it paid dividends.

The feedback from the audience was excellent but more importantly it has led to a number of business discussions on how my voice coach services can help sales teams perform better. I would recommend Bob’s coaching services to anyone who has an important business presentation to deliver.

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