Bob Ferguson

Communication expert, public speaker and author

Helping technical experts be heard, understood and valued


If you want personally targeted results, quickly, then coaching provides the perfect solution

You can expect:

  • Rapid development in your confidence when speaking or creating presentations.
  • Timing suited to your schedule
  • Development suited to your needs


All sessions delivered face-to-face or remotely.

The best part of coaching is it grows as you do. Because it’s a journey it continually changes as you change. It always reflects the skills you need next and where you are in your development . It is easy to adapt and change if your circumstances change and will always deliver the perfect next step in your progress.

Robert Berkely
CEO, Express KCS


I don’t recall working with someone who helped me so much, so quickly. I came to Bob with a very specific problem and Bob not only taught me techniques for that, but then showed me how to keep the audience engagement while getting across key messages.

How we help

For many people with extensive expert knowledge, the challenge is delivering their expertise so that they’re heard, understood and valued. This requires clear and concise messages delivered with confidence. If you or your staff need help to give compelling presentations, there are a number of ways we can help you.

One to one coaching

The best programme to deliver rapid and focussed results. By working one to one with Bob you’ll get exactly the techniques and skills that suit your immediate needs. Coaching programmes require substantial input from the client but when overseen by Bob it’s sure to lead to immediate payback.

Group coaching

If you have several people who need development but don’t want all of them coached individually, group coaching brings similar benefits in a cost effective manner. Groups not only build their skills through Bob’s Intervention but generate significant peer-to-peer learning too.

The panic room!

If you have an immediate need for help and support with an imminent important speech or presentation then you can get a short burst of specific advice to craft the right words and build confidence in your delivery.

Amit Wason
Managing Director, Creative Business Systems Ltd


I had a lot of ideas and things that I wanted to say and reflect on. Bob helped me take the meandering thoughts of my initial idea and hone it into a well-structured, fluid and engaging presentation (which feedback suggested was well received). Bob is a great coach, he listened to what I wanted to convey, helped to shape that and then guided me into how best to structure the presentation. He was positive, supportive and knowledgeable. There were lots of great concepts, tips & support that I will be able to apply to future presentations.

Previous Clients

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