About Bob Ferguson

If anyone’s entitled to declare “It’s not rocket science” it’s Bob. A 20-year career designing parts of space-craft lined up with the 25 years Bob has been working on his speaking skills.

In the first place Bob started because he found the general standard of presentations in engineering was dire – his included! He set out to improve his skills but quickly found that he had a passion for speaking in public that he didn’t expect. His determination to develop led to 3 national speech championships which led to him representing the UK & Ireland at the World Public Speaking Championships in 2002.

Faced with having to write two speeches for the next round of the World Championship showed Bob how the ability to write compelling speeches is the key to all effective communication. As a result, he has spent the last 17 years developing the skills that help people write speeches for business and management. Combining his speaking knowledge with his engineering experience, he specializes in helping people in highly technical industries communicate complex information to a wide range of audiences.

Bob’s development saw him working on the successful use of humour to help drive all messages, even serious ones, home. There is nothing quite like humour to put an audience at ease and make them receptive to what you’re saying. Bob’s studies involved several stand-up comedy course and gigs, and also brought the bonus of the UK & Ireland Humorous Speech Championship in 2009.

A self-confessed life-long learner, Bob is continuously developing his skills. Last year he completed the Certified World Class Speaking Coach course working for months with 1999 World Champion, Craig Valentine.

As well as engineering, Bob has been involved in small businesses as an owner, general manager and consultant.

Having been in industry and business for many years, Bob’s key skill is to take the techniques of public speaking and understand how to use them to achieve commercial objectives. All Bob’s sessions are focussed on delivering knowledge along with the method of application. From his engineering background Bob feels that the main thing people want is good practical advice.

Bob is currently a Fellow of the Professional speaking Association and a member of the UK Guild of Speechwriters. Previously he was also a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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